• Motorcycle Detailing
  • Harley Davidson and Cruisers(non baggers)$145.00

  • Harley Davidson and Cruisers(baggers)$200.00

  • Sport Models$99.00

  • Interior and Exterior Detail
  • Full Detail - Small Sedan $225.00

  • Full Detail – Large Sedan $250.00

  • Full Detail – Minivan, light truck, Crossover $350

  • Large SUV, Truck, Van (Tahoe, Escalades, Hummer) Starting at $400.00

  • Interior detail:
  • Sedan Starting at $150.00

  • Light Truck, Crossover Starting at $175.00

  • Large Truck, SUV, Van Starting at $205.00

  • Exterior Detail:
  • Ceramic Coating Starting at $800.00

  • Paint Correction Starting at $200.00

  • Sedan Starting at $125.00

  • Light Truck, Crossover Starting at $150.00

  • Large Truck, SUV, Van Starting at $175.00

  • Deluxe Hand Wash
  • Small Sedan $45.00

  • Large Sedan, Light Truck, Crossover$55.00

  • Larger Truck, SUV, Van $65.00

  • Additional Service w/ Detail:
  • Detail Engine Compartment $55.00

  • Wheel Detail $55.00

  • Leather Conditioning & Fabric Protection $79.00

Classics, Hot Rods, Exotics and Specialty cars are priced individually.
Services priced upon inspection: Pin Stripping Compounding. Wet Sanding & Machine Buffing

Our personal love for bikes guarantees and excellent job unmatched by others

Motorcycle Detailing:

  • This may include removing seats, windshields and bags if necessay.

  • Hand washes are also available. Priced upon inspection.

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Conversion Vans, RV’s Boats and Air-planes: Price Quote Available upon Inspection


Forced air cleaning to dislodge debris. Vacuum seats, carpets and trunk. Spot clean upholstery and carpet. Shampoo floor mats. Clean dash board, console, door panels and floor panel. Wash inside window


Remove road tar and bugs. Hand wash exterior and chamois dry. Clean door jambs, trunk and hood gutters. Application of Carnauba Wax or Polymer Sealant hand rubberd to a polished finish. Treat all vynil, rubber trim and tires with protectant. Polish chrome and clean windows.
**All prices are estimates. A firm price can be given upon examination of your vehicle.**

Deluxe Hand Wash:

Wash exterior with a soft mitt and chamois dry. Vacuum interior carpet and mats, wipe down dash, clean windows, dress tires.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfection in and around Metro Denver

A class detailing brings the latest technology and innovation for your vehicle across metro Denver and neighboring areas to ensure that not only your car or motorcycle is as clean, but your wellbeing is secured.

With the onset of the new coronavirus strain (COVID-19), we are now reassessing the way we go about our daily lives and are now integrating safety precautions like disinfection methods to ensure the security of our health. Unfortunately, sanitation methods like handwashing can only do so much. COVID-19 is known to affect various surfaces and can last for days.

“Coronaviruses may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days.”

-World Health Organization

With the preliminary information known about the new coronavirus, it means there’s a potentially wide window for you to contract the deadly disease regardless if you’ve taken the necessary precautions like washing your hands. And this goes pretty much for automobiles, especially the ones used by our health workers and other essentials.

Our Initiative: Thorough Vehicle COVID-19 Disinfection.

A Class Auto Detailing deeply appreciates the efforts of our health workers and essentials alike, and show concern for our fellow citizens in and around Metro Denver who are all equally susceptible to contracting COVID-19. So, we’re doing our part to ensure the safety of clients like you by providing specialized coronavirus disinfection services for your vehicle. We thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, going through every inch of your car including your dash, upholstery, carpentry, and compartments. We use effective disinfection chemicals and procedures that are proven to kill COVID-19 without compromising the health of our clients. You’re left with a ride that’s not only clean, but COVID-free as well.

Our disinfection service, as well as our regular auto detailing offer is available for Metro Denver clients and neighboring areas. Our price estimates will help you understand more about what we can provide. To know more about how we keep you and your vehicle clean and disinfected, you can reach us at 303-591-1923. We’ll be more than willing to answer any and all of your vehicle disinfection and auto detailing-related concerns.

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